As 2018 is approaching fast it is time to ponder over the ways to take your business on a fast growth trajectory. Utilizing virtual assistant services can be critical to the success of a business. For owners of small businesses, limited on time and resource, hiring virtual assistants represents a tremendous opportunity to delegate lower-payoff activities to someone else without bearing the expenses like insurance and perks. A virtual administrative assistant has the potential of setting a business or project off on the right foot.

Here are four reasons why you should consider hiring virtual assistants, and how they might fit in with your business plan.

Low Overheads

There are many costs that come with recruitment of a full time employee. You’ll need to pay them employer-provided benefits such as holiday pay, Insurance, sickness, and maternity/paternity leave. When it comes to hiring virtual assistant you don’t need to take these expensive overheads into account. By hiring a virtual assistant, especially for nonessential roles, you can reduce or cut these overhead costs dramatically. The elimination of these costs means that your business could potentially grow more quickly.


Not only is it cheaper to hire virtual assistants, it also allows business owners to have more flexibility and freedom.

Often times companies don’t fire underperforming employees because they run the risk of being sued. Such is not the case when it comes to hiring virtual assistants which gives them more flexibility. If the hired virtual assistant is not a right fit for your project, the business owner has the luxury of searching for an instant replacement with another one. Hiring and firing a full-time employee is not so an easy process.

In addition to hiring virtual assistants only when a business owner needs them, they also have the flexibility of paying former in various ways. Depending on your needs, you can pay them on a per-hour basis or per-project. You can also pay them on monthly basis if there is ongoing work.

Professionalism and Expertise

There are several advantages to hiring a virtual administrative assistant. The one that stands out is their high level of professionalism and expertise. This is because the marketplace for on-demand market is becoming competitive with the passage of time. This leaves them with no other options other than adding to their skill sets and area of expertise to remain market competitive. According to the predictions of Intuit, the on-demand economy is all set to reach 43% by 2020.

Decreasing the Number of Staff

The more people you hire as employees in your workforce the more office space, parking, supplies and equipments are needed for all them to work together. Hence, the more the employees, the higher the fixed costs of managing them. Since these costs don’t contribute to the productivity, they should be kept to the minimum. Hiring virtual assistants allows you to expand the size of your workforce, while at the same time you don’t need to add anything to the fixed costs.

It is not possible for all the businesses to add full-time employees when it comes to picking up the extra work necessary to move to the next level. Here virtual assistants come to their rescue. They can be a secret weapon to the growth of your business and help you remain agile in a competitive marketplace.