TO lead is a calling which many do not have despite being learned, and is believed to be an innate ability which cannot be learnt, but that human being are born with.

For one to be a good leader they should be guided by honesty, fairness and just, loyalty, respect, humane, team building, value driven and value awareness and not to violate work ethics.

Ethical leader across the globe have rare same characteristics that are built on consciousness to appreciate accurate ideas.

In other terms, although they may be having a colossal task to clearly articulate sign post of ethical leadership, they care and do things that appeals to ordinary people as well as to the professionals all the time to ensure value addition.

Ethical leaders are driven by fairness and justice not only in implementing and executing their duties, but also in dealing with other employees.

When dealing with an issue they disconnect it from an individual to avoid favouritism, but to enhance equality. A bias that may be caused by gender, ethnicity, and nationality is avoided at all cost all the time.

Ethical leaders respect others and thrive on team work by listening attentively to work-mate.

Leaders who are ethical value their contributions as well as those that are made by their work-mate, are compassionate, generous and critical in their analysis by asking what if it does not work.

Honest and loyalty are also receipts of ethical leadership. Ethical leadership conveys facts no matter how strange they are to ensure transparency and dependability.

Ethical leaders in their decisions and dealing with others are humane, and places magnitude in kindness, not greedy and do things to benefit all the team members.

The sense of togetherness, collegiality and community as well as team work is fostered in an organisation as well as to the employees. Ethical leaders are more keen to achieve both organisational and teamwork goals.

They always make an effort to attain goals that benefit the entire organisation, not just one person and do not celebrate the suffering of others.

Decisions are checked, verified and critiqued as a team to ensure that they meet the organisation mission, values and goals. Only such decisions that add value to an organisation are implemented.

Employees enjoy the benign environment displayed and thrives to flourish as they are rewarded for initiating innovative ideas, and to improve their working standards.

Employees are praised from the onset and motivated to do their best all the time.

Ethical leaders walk their talk and their expectations which are applicable at individual level. The ethical leader is on the lead and is prepared to bear the blame if things fail to work out accordingly.

Ethical leaders communicate openly and effectively on high values and expectations looked forward to employees.

Constant communication and discussions ensure consistent understanding on the organisational values and goals.

Ethical leaders are guided by code of conducts, corporate code to ensure good governance, transparency, honest and make the employees to be responsible and answerable to their action without being ruthless.