Branding is an inexpensive and practical method to mark all types of materials except glass and metal. Branding iron serves a variety of purposes. For instance, it’s used on different types of woodcrafts, such as timber and fine furniture for advertising a trademark, manufacturer and craftsmen’s work. Besides, it’s used for the identification of tools and equipment for different purposes. Let’s read about 5 things that you need to know about branding irons.

Why Should you use a Branding Iron?

Branding irons are a much better solution compared to other options. For instance, it is relatively inexpensive. Apart from this, the marking surface is easy to customize with virtually any design. Besides, they require little to no maintenance and stand the test of time.

Also, branding irons are user-friendly, which makes them one of the best tools for craftsmen and artists. The good thing is that the same branding set is used for marking a variety of materials. All you need to do is change the temperature settings. This will allow you to mark leather, plastic, and wood, just to name a few materials.

Important Factors to Consider

You need to consider 5 important factors when it comes to making a mark on a specific material using a drill or handheld iron. If these factors are taken into account, it will be a lot easier to achieve the desired results. So, if you are into this business, we suggest that you consider these factors and avoid the common mistakes associated with the process.

Design: When it comes to branding, the best choice is to go for simple designs. Detailed art may not produce satisfactory results. It’s possible to engrave custom bronze dies based on the artwork. The idea is to get started with simple designs first. As you gain more experienced, it will be easier to produce good results with complex designs as well.

Temperature: Based on the type of material, different temperature settings can be used. Generally, leather and rubber require different temperatures. Typically, these irons feature regulators that help achieve consistent results. Having the right temperature settings is paramount based on the type of wood or material.

Pressure: Applying pressure uniformly is important to make sure the impressions will be deep and even. So, the amount of pressure is another important factor that must be considered.

Dwell Time: This term refers to the time of contact between the material and the die. It’s possible to determine this time through the die temperature with respect to the material burning or melting temperature.

Brand Depth: The pressure depends on the dwell time. Longer dwell time will mean greater pressure and deeper mark. Also, the required depth is dependent on the desired appearance and application requirement.

In short, when it comes to branding iron, you may want to consider these 5 factors. Hope this helps.