Using monograms and embroidery on gifts has surged in popularity over the last few years, despite being in existence for centuries. Embroidery is a versatile style of decoration, whereas monograms are more often used to show ownership. In both circumstances, these make great gift ideas for any person in your life, regardless of age or gender. A general rule of thumb to remember is that all monograms can be embroidered, but not all embroidery can be monogrammed.

What are five ideas for these gifts that everyone will love – no matter the occasion?

The Monogrammed Tumbler

You can’t go wrong with a tumbler as a gift. The most popular varieties are insulated tumblers that are great for hot or cold drinks. The best tumblers for use are often made from 304-grade stainless steel and constructed to be sweat-free. Tumblers are often best paired with vinyl transfers.

The type of vinyl used can vary in color and pattern. Still, in most circumstances, initial monograms are used on tumblers. These can range from a single letter to a three-letter pattern to represent the first letters of the first, middle, and last name.

Many people choose the monogrammed tumbler as a gift because it is gender-neutral and is a practical gift with functionality.

Messenger/Laptop Bag

A great gift for any adult or teenager in your life is a messenger/laptop bag that is personalized. If you have ever taken your laptop to the library and laid your bag down, you run the risk of someone else having the same bag. How awkward would it be to walk away with the same messenger/laptop bag?

These embroidery types can be used to monogram a bag or even for decorative designs and company logos. Gifting a messenger/laptop bag to the technologically advanced teen or adult in your life can help them keep track of their computer. Your gift will always stand out among the crowd, and the recipient will thank you!

Beach Towel

How many times have you gone to the pool or the beach and lost your towel? When you give a personalized beach towel gift, your recipient is less likely to lose their towel in a public place. A lot of towels look the same. Most major retailers have the same towels on the shelves, so it is easy to grab the wrong one off a public-shared lawn chair.

Whether choosing the classic three-initial monogram or an embroidered first or last name, the towel is likely safe unless someone has the same name. You might even like this gift so much that you buy one for everyone in your family, too!

Coats and Jackets

A timeless gift to give, especially during the colder holidays, are coats and jackets. These can be great for little kids who habitually take their coats off whenever the need arises. Plus, kid’s coats are quite often found in mass quantities in the same classroom. When you give the gift of a coat or jacket with a name embroidered, a child is less likely to end up bringing home the wrong coat.

For those older gift recipients in your life, personalized coats and jackets are timeless pieces and often last longer than those bought from a retailer. Not because they are made of any better quality, but because it means more to them.


One of the most widely given gifts is blankets. Depending on the occasion, there may be a personalization accompanying it – the birth of a child, graduations, marriages, etc. Blankets are the go-to gift when you aren’t sure what gift to give. Everyone loves a nice fluffy blanket, especially in colder climates.

The type of blanket you purchase for a gift depends on who you are buying the blanket for. Sherpa has become one material more popular as of late. Fleece is a timeless fabric used for blankets and is an easy embroidered material.

Why Choose To Embroider or Monogram A Gift

The idea of adding embroidery or monograms to a gift makes the gift more personal. Anyone can go to the store and buy the items listed above, but to go to the extra effort to have it designed to show that the recipient owns it, means a lot more. Personalized gifts are likely to be used more than those that are not.

So, the next time you need to purchase a gift, maybe you should try having it personalized through an embroidered design or a custom monogram!